Monday, October 4, 2010

Landscape Design vs. Garden Design

I've been taking courses at the New York Botanical Gardens for a year or so now with a focus in the Gardening track, hoping it will enhance my knowledge for my fledgling garden design business.  But I've made a big decision, after much debating (with myself) and worrying and anxiety, to switch to the Landscape Design track.  My first two courses started two weeks ago -- Graphics 1 and Landscape Design History.  After only two weeks I can tell already that I can't coast through these classes like I did in my Gardening classes.  Don't get me wrong, I still studied and read a lot in my Gardening courses, but now I am way deep (some might say over my head) in serious drawing and reading and writing.  Who was I kidding that I could handle two classes a week?  I have to drive all the way down to the Bronx and back -- a minimum hour and a half commute each way and more if accidents -- and take my three hour class on Monday and Wednesday, and by the time I get back it's almost time to pick up my kids at school.  So that's two days of my menial, but oh so necessary, housework, grocery shopping, laundry and kids' school stuff that doesn't get done.  And then there's the studying and drawing, which I am quickly realizing is going to take the other three days.  Oh my God!  But it's so much fun!  I absolutely love the graphics class -- today I learned how to use an adjustable triangle and a flexible ruler and also square off my angles on a slide ruler.  Last week we learned the intricacies of an architect's and engineer's ruler.  It's fast and furious, and we pack so much into our three hours, but I can actually use this stuff in my designs.  And the history class is incredibly interesting.  We are studying landscape design all the way back to Greek and Roman times and even further.  We will be visiting gardens on our own and writing papers about what we see, how we feel about the design and the designer and develop our own points of view based on it all.  My final project for graphics will be a full landscape plan and design that I will draw to scale and present to the class.  I think I made the right decision...if I can only keep up. 


  1. That sounds like fun. Not the driving into the City, but the classes!

  2. Hi Cindy, OMGosh, this sounds so interesting. I think your enthusiasm will be the fuel you need for keeping up. Plus that awesome feeling of accomplishment. You'll look back with your certificate in hand and say, "Wow, I did it." That will be a great feeling. I applaud you and hope you'll share more of your class happenings on your blog.