Monday, December 26, 2011

One more image of this morning's sunrise over the Long Island Sound in Fairfield, Connecticut

I forgot to include this second image in that last post!

Sunrise this morning about 7am over the Long Island Sound

The sun just starting to come up this morning over the Long Island Sound.  Hope all my gardening friends have a week full of peace and wonder as we look forward to another year.

Monday, December 5, 2011

Knockout roses by the Long Island Sound - the fall gift that keeps on giving

The pretty salmon pink Knockout roses in my garden have held on and keep coming with our unusually warm Connecticut fall weather. They are such a pleasure to see in the almost sleeping garden.

Fall color on Jennings Beach last week

Views from the beach by my house last week.  I love the colors of the catamarans on the beach against the grays and blues of the Sound.  

Walking by Ash Creek in shorts in December enjoying the view

My neighborhood by the Long Island Sound on my walk a few days ago...fall wanes and winter will soon be here. But our warm weather has stayed with us through the fall months, coming and going, coming and going again. So we still see so many flowers that are normally long gone by now.