Tuesday, July 26, 2011

The sound a few minutes ago after a summer downpour. I've never seen a rainbow like this right over the sound in 12 years of living here.  Isn't it beautiful?

Saturday, July 23, 2011

Herb and veggie garden featuring specimens from around the world at the Brooklyn Botanic Garden

Images from what they call the herb garden at the Brooklyn Botanic Garden today. It has herb and some veggie varieties from all over the world. And each plant variety has a name plate with the common and scientific name, its country of origin and its historical and/or current medicinal use.  There are also annuals and perennials mixed in that bring in beneficial insects to help with pollination and organic disease control.  There were thousands of pollinators - bees, wasps, flies - all over the garden.

Children's garden at the Brooklyn Botanic Garden today

The working children's garden at the Brooklyn Botanic Garden. This spider sculpture doubles as a planter! And there's a knot garden mixed in with the veggies. The children's garden was massive with an overflowing bounty of so many varieties of veggies.

Lily Pool Terrace at the Brooklyn Botanic Garden today

The garden in this reflecting pool, known as the Lily Pool Terrace, at the Brooklyn Botanic Garden today.

Brooklyn Botanic Garden visit today

More perennials and annuals from the Brooklyn Botanic Garden today.  It was 100 degrees but worth it to visit this huge and varied, richly historical garden.  It was my first visit and I'll definitely be going back.

Japanese garden at Brooklyn Botanic Garden today

Scenes from my visit today to the Brooklyn Botanic Garden.  These photos are from the Japanese Hill-and-Pond garden, first built in 1915.  I love the varied colors and textures of all of these maples.  And isn't that turtle sunning itself adorable?

Phlox paniculata 'David' makes its debut in my gardens to brighten up these oppressively hot days

Some of the first blooms from my Phlox paniculata 'David', in front of the heat seared blooms of my 'Endless Summer' hydrangea.  With our temps north of 100 with that dreaded heat index, hydrangea blooms all over town have these brown crispy edges, no matter how much we water them - unless they are in total shade.

Back to my beloved 'David' phlox...I absolutely love this phlox best of all the Phlox paniculata, and I've tried every hue.  David has sturdy and strong stems that never flop, no mildew problems, and gives me constant flowers from now till well into September.  It even has a sweet scent that I, and the fat bumblebees, love.  I'd never be without it because it brightens up the tired summer border with it's pure white petals and chartreuse green new leaves.  The other Phlox paniculata I want to try is 'Laura' which promises to have vibrant purple flowers with cute white eyes.  Laura and David would make a lovely couple in my gardens.

Thursday, July 7, 2011

Sunset in the High Line Park last night

More of the High Line Park at sunset last night with my husband. So beautiful.

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

My son's special garden is alive with blooms and buzzing with life

Images today from Mark's garden...he claimed it as his own since he planted his NC sunflowers there in the early spring...fine with me, I love having him in the garden with me. He loves plants and growing things, and I'm doing everything I can to keep that interest and passion alive!

My son's favorites, his succulents, are loving the summer sun

Mark's succulent gardens....so many came back after being buried under 4' of snow all winter. We weren't sure they'd survive!

My coneflowers are blooming so it's really summer now!

My garden by the sound today. I love the coneflowers when they are fresh and newly blossomed out -/ before the bugs eat the petals!