Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

My visit to High Line Park in New York City yesterday

The High Line Park was created on an elevated railroad track that was used for freight delivery of all kinds of goods and mail from 1934 til 1980. Instead of letting it get demolished by developers, neighbors in this Meat Packing District area banded together and raised enough funds to have it converted to a beautiful park where you can walk, run or just sit and enjoy the scenery of downtown New York. In these photos you can see how late summer looks in these naturally themed gardens. The toad lilies in the first photo were especially beautiful and with their orchid-like look they give a rich and textured flower to the grasses and other perennials that are mostly gone to seed, but still so pretty. And you can't see in these photos, but I could even see the Statue of Liberty off in the distance from the end of the park. The Hudson River runs along the western side of the park past the buildings there. There are also many art installations throughout the park.
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Scenes from my walk by the beach last Friday

I took these shots as I was doing my walk last Friday morning along Penfield Beach. I love late summer here in Connecticut. Since we're by saltwater, we have all kinds of grasses and drought tolerant shrubs like butterfly bushes, lots of different sedums, russian sage, beach roses and countless colors and sizes of sunflowers and zinnias. It was a perfect morning, as it most of the time during this glorious month.  This is my first attempt at a Picasa collage, and I added one picture twice, but hopefully next time I'll be better!  These photos are also taken with my Iphone 4 because I can't take my Canon along on my walks.  But the quality isn't too bad. 
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Thursday, September 16, 2010

My next door neighbors' Pee Gee Hydrangea

My next door neighbor's pee gee hydrangea tree this morning. This thing is just covered with these creamy peachy luscious panicles.  Every year I intend to ask them if I can cut some to bring indoors,  but I never do because I just love seeing them all day every day.  They're right by my driveway so I claim them as sort of mine anyway!

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

New York Botanical Garden's 'Edible Gardens'

The New York Botanical Garden is so much fun this time of year.  They have visiting chefs,  gardeners and tons of lectures, and there's so much for families with kids.  I'm having trouble posting their link so just visit their website at and click on 'Edible Garden' link for more info.

Caryopteris and bees...a love fest

The bees and butterflies have been feasting on this caryopteris since the weather has cooled.  This is the best fall shrub and the only way I've seen to get this blue in our gardens this time of year.

Nasturtiums, I'm gonna miss you this long winter

These nasturtiums are just  crazy pretty! This cool fall weather brings out all the intense colors again.  And I tried the leaves and flowers this summer so most of these blooms end up being snacks!

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

An awesomely big container at Biltmore Gardens, Asheville, NC, August 2010

Another view of the flower carpet at Biltmore Gardens, August 2010

The flower carpet exhibit at Biltmore, Asheville, NC, August 2010

The flower carpet exhibit -- going on now at Biltmore Gardens.  This view is from the steps of the Biltmore House. 

Italian Gardens/Water Gardens at Biltmore, Asheville, NC, August 2010

What is the name of these lilies (??)?  They were in the water garden and were so graceful and delicate.

Italian Gardens/Water Gardens at Biltmore, Asheville, NC, August 2010

These canna lilies in the water garden were the most amazing combination of orange and yellow.

Italian Gardens/Water Gardens at Biltmore, Asheville, NC, August 2010

And one more border...

This is the last of them... I tried to post all photos at once, but the files were too big to email them all at once.

Biltmore border

Biltmore border

Summer border at Biltmore Gardens August 2010

One more example of the late summer borders at Biltmore.

Another border at Biltmore Gardens

Summer borders at Biltmore Gardens August 2010

Here is the first of the summer border photos I will post -- more to follow...

Espaliered Rose of Sharon at Biltmore Gardens in August 2010

I visited the Biltmore Gardens in Asheville, NC in August, and this Rose of Sharon that was espaliered up a wall was so beautiful.  I don't usually love Rose of Sharon but this application was one I'd love to try. 

Orchid at the Biltmore Gardens in Asheville, NC

Caryopteris in full bloom right now

My caryopteris in full bloom this morning.  This us the perfect fall shrub for New England.  Starts blooming in mid- late August and keeps going all the way through our cool Fall.  You just dint see this intense blue much this time if the year, and it looks so good against all the deep reds of this the year.  Plus the bees and butterflies love it!

I love orange in a nasturtium!

My nasturtium - could anything be much prettier?  I tried the leaves and flowers for the first time this summer - and they are surprisingly good. Very peppery and spicy.

Crazy about this perfect New England weather

Ok, this is my favorite time of year in Connecticut.  Days like this make it tolerable living here when winter roars in and I'm stuck inside with my three kids, dog, cat, ridiculous assortment of fish tanks and bowls and our lone hermit crab.  Today will be in the 70s, sunny and dry again.  My gardens are coming back to life after weeks of hot, humid, stifling weather.  My plants are loving the cool nights, their color is coming back and new flushes of flowers are everywhere.  And this weekend, I finally got to my overgrown side garden and cleaned it up.  I tied up the overbearing yarrow that was killing my pink and lavender phlox and I dug up the heliopsis -- or as it turned out, the garden club that sold it to me in the spring was wrong, and it wasn't heliopsis but some ugly weedy plant that I'm not going to tolerate one more season.  I used to never be able to pull out plants I didn't like, but I finally got the nerve and now I have no problem at all ripping them out if they aren't making me happy.  My gardens are too small to put up with anything I don't love.  I also trimmed up the black eyed susans, dug up some weeds and pruned my out of control russian sage.  Now I have room to plant more stuff...especially once I get those x%@# irises dug up and divided!

Sunday, September 5, 2010

Happy bees

This bee is loving the mint's flowers.  I let my mint, basil and oregano flower and the bees love it.  

Friday, September 3, 2010

Tree Hydrangea 'Tardiva' in full bloom for the Fall

Watching this hydrangea Tardiva's panicles slowly turn pink from creamy white keep me interested in my overgrown and messy late summer garden!  
No hurricane Earl, nary a raindrop yet!