Thursday, July 14, 2011

Our garden tonight...a perfect summer evening

My husband by "Mark's garden" tonight.  What a gorgeous and perfect night.


  1. Now, that I what I call gardening. I passed on a breast cancer pink hydrangea when my daughter (the horticulturist) said that while they sell them in Colorado, they really are not hardy here at the altitude and then the clerk at the garden center said that it was not guaranteed, so I reluctantly passed on it. Did you get any good ideas from the gardens for your own?

  2. Hi Ann, I love hydrangeas! That's too bad -- I'd recommend reading Michael Dirr's book on hydrangeas. Go onto Amazon and look for it used. I get all my gardening books that way, unless they're gifts, which this one was -- from my mother and father in law. It's the best book for hydrangea lovers, and Michael Dirr is THE authority on everything hydrangea. Godo luck!