Friday, November 26, 2010

Fall's last gasp...

My favorite tree in our neighborhood - this thing is huge and amazing.

My neighbor's callicarpa, 'beautyberry', holds these brilliant purple berries all winter long.  Every time I see it I smile.

Now these red berries remind me Christmas is just around the corner....


  1. I like the title of your post today. Fall indeed is gasping for survival here in Colorado too. ann

  2. Wow Cindy, i love your profession and what you do, landscaping. And your photos are great too. BTW, is your surname from another country? We have that surname as nationals here.

  3. Thank you Andrea and Ann for the nice comments! Well, these leaves are all gone now, as winter has come to southern Connecticut! Brrrrrrr....

  4. Hi Cindy, thanks for visiting my site too. You were asking how i got the banner for Blotanical. I had to go there again and re-learn what i did, as i also still fidget on the knobs there and sometimes dont know what to do to go where i wanted. Just go to help in the upper hand corner, go to FAQs, then scroll down for the subject matter saying where to get the banners. That contains the instructions and the code to copy and paste in your site. haha. I also asked some people about it. I've long been blogging but i didn't sign as member there because i'm scared of pressure to return the favor for my commenters and pickers, which i might not have time all the time. haha!

  5. I like your neighbor's purple berries. Most of what I have seen in the blogosphere lately, as well as during my visit to the US last week, has been the red variety. Brrrrr is correct. I came from temps of high 70's and landed in the low 20's. I only wish it snowed earlier instead of just on the last night of our trip. -- Bom / Plant Chaser

  6. Thank you Andrea for the help- I find botanical a little cumbersome to navigate. I'll try what you suggest but the "code" part may trip me up!

    Hi Bom, I love Beautyberry's unusual purple berries, too. They are a such an interesting purple. Glad you enjoyed your stay here - we've only had a flurry - look forward to the first snow. Where do you live? I'm very jealous of your warm temps!!

    Thanks to both of you fir stopping by and please visit often.