Tuesday, September 21, 2010

My visit to High Line Park in New York City yesterday

The High Line Park was created on an elevated railroad track that was used for freight delivery of all kinds of goods and mail from 1934 til 1980. Instead of letting it get demolished by developers, neighbors in this Meat Packing District area banded together and raised enough funds to have it converted to a beautiful park where you can walk, run or just sit and enjoy the scenery of downtown New York. In these photos you can see how late summer looks in these naturally themed gardens. The toad lilies in the first photo were especially beautiful and with their orchid-like look they give a rich and textured flower to the grasses and other perennials that are mostly gone to seed, but still so pretty. And you can't see in these photos, but I could even see the Statue of Liberty off in the distance from the end of the park. The Hudson River runs along the western side of the park past the buildings there. There are also many art installations throughout the park.
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  1. Your photos are very nice & give a real feel for the place. I'm fascinated with this project. The design firm that created it was just hired to redesign the Seattle waterfront (by Puget Sound) after the decrepit elevated highway is torn down. I'm excited to see what they will propose.

  2. I am always running in and out of the City and never find time to visit. I must get there one of these days.