Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Crazy about this perfect New England weather

Ok, this is my favorite time of year in Connecticut.  Days like this make it tolerable living here when winter roars in and I'm stuck inside with my three kids, dog, cat, ridiculous assortment of fish tanks and bowls and our lone hermit crab.  Today will be in the 70s, sunny and dry again.  My gardens are coming back to life after weeks of hot, humid, stifling weather.  My plants are loving the cool nights, their color is coming back and new flushes of flowers are everywhere.  And this weekend, I finally got to my overgrown side garden and cleaned it up.  I tied up the overbearing yarrow that was killing my pink and lavender phlox and I dug up the heliopsis -- or as it turned out, the garden club that sold it to me in the spring was wrong, and it wasn't heliopsis but some ugly weedy plant that I'm not going to tolerate one more season.  I used to never be able to pull out plants I didn't like, but I finally got the nerve and now I have no problem at all ripping them out if they aren't making me happy.  My gardens are too small to put up with anything I don't love.  I also trimmed up the black eyed susans, dug up some weeds and pruned my out of control russian sage.  Now I have room to plant more stuff...especially once I get those x%@# irises dug up and divided!

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