Tuesday, March 1, 2011

A cardinal in the Berkshire mountains - barely visible in this photo I took with my phone through two panes of glass


We were in the Berkshire mountains skiing for three days last week and my bird loving son and I had the most fun watching the huge colony of birds feeding every morning. Amongst these were at least three pair of cardinals each day, along with black capped chickadees and lots of sparrows.  The house we rented was on a hill, isolated in the middle of the woods. The owners generously load their many feeders so their families of birds can munch away all winter long, in the midst of feet of snow.  What a joy for us to watch while we ate breakfast and got ready for a full day of skiing.  Of course we were the only ones of the five of us with any interest.  My teenage daughter and other son lounged in their pj's checking Facebook and watching espn til the last possible second before getting ready to ski. And my sweet husband snoozed away as long as possible.  But what peaceful mornings for us all.  

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