Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Hydrangea fever in February

I'm going to use this post to give a hydrangea grower and seller in Palmetto, Georgia a much deserved review.  Wilkerson Mill Gardens, simply on the web, is one of the best sources I've found to buy my favorite plant online.  Their website,, has the most beautiful and varied collections of hydrangeas I've found anywhere.  I've bought unique varieties for my mother in law when she lived on Long Island, NY, and now in North Carolina, and also for my Mom and Dad who live outside of Atlanta.  Each of the plants has been strong and gorgeous and has grown into a mature, consistent bloomer.  One of my favorites is the 'Ayesha Mophead'.  Go to their website and check it out.  It has the most adorable little cup shaped petals and its blooms last all season and dry perfectly.  There are just too many cultivars to go on about here.  I urge you to go to their website and see them all.  They are also so gracious and helpful on the phone if you need to call them and ask them any questions at all that you have about hydrangeas.  And they know what will grow in all zones and regions of our country.  They grow the plants themselves and lovingly care for them all, so they aren't open all the time.  But they do open to the public in late February, so if you live in Georgia or are passing through, you should go visit.  I've never been able to visit myself, but I am hankering to and can't wait until I can.  Maybe this year....


  1. Cindy, I have bought from Wilkerson's also, and love them. Their catalog is great. Thanks for reminding of a sunnier time of year with this post!


  2. Scott, aren't they a wonderful nursery? I have bought such unique cultivars from them for my mom and mother in law. I think it's time to buy more for myself!