Sunday, July 11, 2010

Hydrangea Burn-Out (Literally)

I am so glad I took all those photos of my beloved hydrangeas (and my neighbors'!) because after our 100+ degree heat several days last week, lots of the flowers are literally burned on the edges of the petals. I was out there last night pruning off the fairly dead flowers to leave the ones that were buried underneath foliage and other flowers, so still lookin' good, and a neighbor walked by and said "is that hydrangea dead"? I was so taken aback, and so protective of my sweet plant, that I quite defensively said "well, no, the plant is still very healthy -- see all the green leaves -- but that heat last week burned up some of the flowers!". She looked at me pretty suspiciously, and was thinking, I could tell, "well, it looks dead to me lady"!

My lacecap's delicate blossoms are all pretty burned so I took out the worst ones but left the rest.

But my little dwarf "Pia" with the intense purply-fuschia flowers is still going strong. That color of flower doesn't seem to get burned up as badly as the lighter blue and pink ones. It's still beautiful with its darker green leaves and incredible hues in its blossoms. I love it -- I need more dwarf ones -- but that means I've got to dig something else out... hmmmm... I also want an 'Ayesha' and a "Limelight'. But not sure how to fit them in my tiny gardens.

Thank goodness my 'Tardiva' is about to pop out for its regular late summer entrance. I'll get photos of it on soon.

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